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Replace your Resume with a GitHub Portfolio.
Build Scalable Backend From Scratch and Get Hired

  • ​12 weeks of intense preparation | Mentor Led

  • Weekly Master Class for Doubt Clearing and Mentorship


  • Build Real World Projects which scales to Millions of Users

Zero Upfront Fees  , Pay after Placement

Advance Your Java, NoSQL and API development Skills

From Founder's Desk



Founder of Kaholas

CSE,IIT Roorkee
Microsoft,Yahoo, Nykaa​


Kaholas's students are working in top companies

People love what we do and we want to let your know

"I am on Week 5 right now and I am loving the intensity of the pace. I like Kaholas because it offers very practical courses for learners. It’s been a great experience so far. I have found the mentors incredibly friendly and helpful.


NIT Raipur 2nd Year

"The course has helped me in bringing disciple in my preparation."I definitely would recommend Kaholas and would encourage students to attend this course and inform themselves as much as possible."

Ankit Jain

Placed at Dell

"After 2 years in the industry, It has helped me in revising my concepts."I have really enjoyed studying at Kaholas with wonderful resources. I am sure you will grow, improve yourself and become a better "you."

Shubham Gupta

Engineer at Accenture

Build alongside other devs and get shit done

Making stuff alone is lame. Once you enroll we'll get you in a channel where you'll get to share progress with a cohort of awesome devs.


Where the tuition fee is 0 until you land a high paying job

We will charge you 1 month of your salary if you join a company from Kaholas . If you don't join from us, it is free.

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